Learn Excel Welcome to the revised online version of the textbook Learn Excel.

Compared to the previous version, little has changed in terms of content. The improvements were mainly aimed at making the book more attractive and user-friendly, so that the book is now also easier to read on different devices.

The textbook also contains interactive elements. In order to work with this, the browser must support Javascript.

  1. Help files are included with this textbook. You can download a zip file containing all the files.
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  2. The previous version of the book is also available in PDF and ePub format, which you can purchase through Gumroad for $6.99. The online version remains available for free.
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  3. If you have any problems using the book or have any questions, please get in touch:
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About the author

I studied Chemical Technology at the THT, the current University of Twente. After first teaching chemistry and mathematics at secondary schools for a number of years, I started teaching informatics and statistics at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. From there I switched internally to MeetingPoint, which was mainly involved in developing and supporting e-learning. In 1993 I founded Softwijs, which I stopped end 2018.

After my retirement I have time for my hobbies: billiards, bridge, brewing beer, baking bread and traveling (especially with camper and bike). In addition, besides making textbooks, I still have some time left to delve into data analysis, especially with R and less with Python.

Ben Welman

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